Virtual Reality

Prepare to immerse yourself in a whole new world with our top-of-the-line headsets and controllers.

Feel like you’re on the battlefield with our omnidirectional treadmills.

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TLDR: Yes.
Video games have always struggled to perfect immersion. They've always required a suspension of disbelief as we view the story through a screen and control them with a fixed controller. With VR, we can put you inside the game where the virtual becomes reality. Draw your bowstring and release the arrow; chamber the bullet and pull the trigger; unsheathe your blade and strike your foes! Whether you're fighting a battle, solving a puzzle, working out, or just goofing off, reality is now in your hands.

No. Phone-based VR is a very limited version of VR as a whole. To have the absolute best experience, you need a high-end computer, a large play space, and special tracking for your headset and controllers. Our VR stations offer a completely new level of VR that your phone just can't live up to; just like watching a movie on your phone doesn't quite live up to the movie theater experience.

Not a problem! We have many games that can be played in a sitting position with no problem.

VR is a blast for all ages! We require a guardian of at least 18 years old to accompany children under 13.

Absolutely! People who don't play or are not "good" at traditional video games have a much easier time mastering VR. We offer a wide variety of games to appeal to your desires, such as: shooters, medieval, puzzle, horror, exercise, and many more!

We do! Within the VR system, we have an interactive video that shows you the ropes and a member of staff is always an earshot away if you need anything.

We take cleanliness very serious, especially after COVID-19. After a player is done, we remove the face guard and replace it with a sanitized one. Meanwhile we sanitize the one we just removed.

We also sanitize the controllers/steering wheels immediately after use.



Board D&D ampersand Tabletop Games

SAVR will offer a private rentable room for epic campaigns, (not so) friendly games of Monopoly, and many other board/card games we have to offer.

We are madly in love with D&D ampersand and we want to share our experience with you! Of course, D&D ampersand isn’t the only ttrpg we offer. We will host Mage , , and more!

Video Games

Come play the latest games on the top consoles with us!

We will be hosting in-house tournaments with dope prizes. You don’t want to miss out!